I mentioned in a post a while back that I was really intrigued by the focus of mundane items in illustration, inspired by Paige Moon. When I was reading a collection of short stories with Lydia Davis for my last illustrations,  there was another story included called Room 313 by another writer. The first three quarters of the text I really enjoyed as it spoke about someone a woman who works in a hotel clearing the rooms and discusses the small details of objects  she finds and keeps from Peoples rooms. The last part of the story turns into a romance but this didn’t exaclty interest me in making work.   But what I was interested in was the lead up and mundane items she discussed, as I thought they would transpire into some really nice illustrations.. However when I started I didn’t really feel like the drawings had any kind of direction, as there was no context to emotion or plot. They became quite shallow and somehow there didn’t seem anything worth in drawing them, apart from it being good practice for myself. I would like to continue trying to make drawings of mundane objects but I feel as though they need to have a little more purpose than they did for this particular story. Even so I think  it was good for my practice to experiment, try drawing for random excerpts of text and see what works for me. scan  11

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