In my last post I was discussing the fact that I wanted to create work inspired by my visual style research and illustration that focuses on mundane objects. I’ve returned to the poetry of Charles Bukowski as so far that is the work that I feel is inspiring me to draw the most. scan  18 scan  19 scan  20 scan  21

I prefer these miscellaneous drawings as drawings as they have a little more context to the imagery I was drawing previously for Room 313. Where the text of the poems are short in Bukowski’s work I personally feel, wether or not that’s what the writer intended, that the objects or small notions mentioned all have some sort of purpose within the structure of the poem, so by me making worked based on those small notions it’s adding a little more context. If a reader were to see my drawing alongside the work and realised that was what I chose as important to represent it might convince them to think a little bit longer about every sentence with in the poem, even the mundane mentions.

Again I’m fairly happy with these drawings and think my drawing for research is going well and my distict viusla style is becoming stronger.

I think it is important for me to look at that side of the poetry but whilst I was in the flow of drawing and amidst my inspiration I also created some others which featured some more realistic drawings:

scan  16 scan  17

For these two drawings I used some stock image reference, but I found because I was concentrating on creating an almost replica of my own reference material the drawing quality lacked. I think out of all of this drawing for research the far more successful imagery is the first drawings when I was far more focused on one mention of a miscellaneous object. There was also a distinct time difference between the reference drawings and the previous.  The mark making is much more fluid and confident when creating the first drawings as I was working a lot quicker and not constricted to trying and making my work looking proportionally and texturally accurate.



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