In today’s work shop the aim was to create two things, a book cover and a stop motion sequence based on a book or film title, in groups. IMG_8848

For the first half of the day we started on the book cover and together, I chose to work with other illustrators, we chose Frankenstein. Straight away we all had some really good ideas about making the typography of the letters Frankenstein like pieced together.

IMG_8855 IMG_8849 IMG_8850 IMG_8853

we experimented heavily with using 2D cut outs of typography mixed with 3D elements such as scalpel blades, also raising the letters to give them a more character type approach. We used the background from recycled print room scrap paper, but the dark moody poems reflect the dark moody feel perfectly. Frankenstein was written in the gothic era so a dark nature is definitely something we were aspiring to. When photographing the piece we  headed down to the basement and shone torches onto the final piece to make the most use out of the 3D aspects of our book cover.


This was the final photograph that we shot on a professional standard camera. The only different thing is about our book cover which we rotated as a landscape image. But afterall these design labs are designed to help us think in an abstract way. Working in a group was a really interesting experience, especially as this has been one of my favourite briefs from the series. What this piece was make us think about the type in an abstract way, instead of just been a title and flat on the page we tested in materiality and used to create shadows and symbolically represent the monster from the book.

The second half of the brief was video based and we chose this time to work with the projector. IMG_8867 IMG_8872

The reflective qualities of the water on the projector worked extremely well. We also considered sing the cut out shapes figuratively to create a plug hole like shape. With Psycho being such an iconic film, the most well-known scene being when the attacker greets her in the shower, which is why we chose to go with a water theme. When laying onto the projector we noticed that a hair which got caught up into looked really great as a protection. From that we were able to make further links between the water and hair in the bottom of showers. IMG_8875

Eventually we all put in some hair to create the lettering for psycho. This was quite a disturbing piece of work, but that’s’ why it felt appropriate for the title. When we filmed the stop motion I tried my hardest to get a swirl on the camera so that it would slightly get the impression of swirling down a plug hole. We then typed the initials A H in water to give reference to the famous Director.

We were all really happy with how it turned out, and when presented to everyone else they were as equally squeamish which I feel show it as a successful piece of work that we were able to provoke feeling and emotion from her work, after all psycho is a deeply unsettling feel and designed to make people feel on edge. The way our group worked on both this projects was extremely creative and I think we experimented a lot with both mediums to gather a desired theme or reaction for the title. Even though I am not creating a book cover or title sequence for my FMP, it has made me consider the themes behind titles and how it can be expressed in an abstract way, and also to consider mediums outside the realms of drawing.


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