In today’s tutorial we went back to discussing the possibilities of of drawing technique.

Whilst I was waiting for my tutorial I was reading a book on typography and noticed the resist technique which is actually something I’ve never tried before. Even though it is not directly linked to my project I think it is still important to find reference to all the things around you and see how it can influence my practice.IMG_8975 IMG_8974

In the book the artist is using masking fluid, but as I discussed the resist technique with Rachel we got onto the topic of Henry Moore’s wax resist work.  I looked at Henry’s Moore’s drawing years again but I think I could benefit from a revisit to the work and see how it could influence my own drawing.

Another artist was the work of Barbara Hepworth who also experiments with wax resist, again would be worth looking at for some inspiration and reference.

alongside this I mentioned about how in my research file so far i have been trying to look for time relevant imagery to reference my work to, as Charles Bukwoski was writing around the 70s, I feel as though my imagery needs to reflect that. Rachel has suggested again to look at the photographer William Eggleston as a lot fo his photography is focused around american bars, which is what I’m attempting to draw. I think it’s really important to  me to consider whether I want to go for a temporary or archaic feel, and I think 60s is what I should be looking at as I feel as though if I tried to make it contemporary it would be true to the text.

In addition Rachel suggested adding another process to my drawing like the riso-grapghing, which could either be continued to worked on or work as a piece on its own. A good inspiration for this would be the work of Chloe CHeese who works lithographically but I could easily replicate this visual style with the use of a riso-graph

In conclusion I would like to work with wax resist, following research on Moore and Hepworth. Incorporate some visual research from William Eggleston to keep my work relevant and also test my work in the form of riso- graphing inspired by Chloe Cheese.



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