In today’s tutorial I mostly recieved positive feedback on my drawings which will be really help me develop a key visual style:

  • The drawings which had a lot more expressive lines were far better received than the he ones using quill and ink, which overall I’m happy with as these were the ones I actually prefered. This makes me think I’m much further on my way to finding a drawing style I’m happy with which I can then attempt to transfer into  animations later on.
  • However, some of the drawings which I did draw from my head lack some certain skill so I would be best advised to create some sort of research file of reference imagery which hopefully can greater my chances of professional drawing skills.
  • I also photocopied some pages out of my sketchbook for to show in the crit, but naturally the black in from th photocopier caused a high contrast image onto the white paper, but luckily it was actually commented the contrast makes me images look a lot better. For example, ‘Oh yes’:

scan  13


My next steps for the next tutorial is pretty simple, I just want to aim to improve drawing quality , with the help of a research file was reference to base some of my work, which will hopefully result in some better quality drawing! As i noted in my last post when I did use reference before I actually didn’t like them as much, but perhaps I just need to work a little quicker and not focus as heavily on getting it to look like the reference image in question.


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