william Egglestone was a photograpgher working in the 60s and 70s, whoch is perfect for the time of era I’m woprking in. At the oment I am not entirely focused on the meaning or purpose during his work, but I want to use his phoograpghs as a means of time refernce. They will be great as part of a reseach file and gathering my mental knowledge of what the owrld around Charles Hukwoski would of looked like at the time.

Eggleston_teaser 51 07eggl.xlarge1 william-eggleston-01-660x423 109679h-660x437 cover-600 large


Usually when looking at photograpghy I would feel the need to really look into each picture and begin to understand the purpose between each focus and composition. Howevr as I’m just using his photigrapghy as some refernce material the focus for m becmes more heavily focused on the genral easthtic of the scenes. The details of the chairs, how they dress, colour pallettes, furniture, colours of the way, mood, tone, sense of class. All of these images I can imagine Charles Bukowski creating his work with this kind of world around him. I’ll never know exactly how he imagined the ladnscape of his poetry, but at least this is a start.



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