following on from my past research, I have taken a drawing from one of my favourite Charles Bukwoski poems: ‘Torched Out’. It’s one of the longest where he goes ona for a long time moaning about all aspects of his life including his partner and job, until eventually they had to a bar, get their drinks and as soon as he does sais ‘Life couldn’t get better than this’ and the poem ends. I really love that this is where the poems ends, and even though the poem is so long and has a lot of imagery to work with, this would be the most important section for me, and the only part I want to illustrate.

I started by taking a really rough sketch that I made using reference from William Eggleston photographs and other various stock images of american bars. I then scanned it in the risograpgh ans made a few black copies. On another image I made some grey marks with some graphite to be layered over the top. I would have left the print like this, but as you can see below, it’s incredibly weak and the drawing looks particularly childish and lacks skill.



scan  24


From this I continued to work with the image to create some further marks using watered down ink. Again, I felt as though it needed a lot more work, and the background of the image is what was letting it down.

scan  25

because of this I went back to my references including Hepworth and Moore and experimented with wax resists. I really like this image and my work is finally starting to head in a direction where I am enjoying the mark making and the results its producing.

scan  26 scan  27This was the most successful in the end where I combined the use of wax resist with watered won ink. I spent a lot more time on this piece to add detail and hopefully create a more finished, professional piece of work. This is the point where I think my ‘drawing for research’ is taking small turning points in discovering what works for me as an illustrator. I’m really happy with my wax resists, the riso printing however, with these tones I don’t think is working for the particular work and very limited to what I can gain from it.


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