We visited as a group the Adam Dant exhibition hidden away in the Bloomberg Space. It’s titled the
The Budge Row Bibliotheque and the press release states it was designed to encapsulates across two millennias an area in London called Budge Row, which is ultimately now a lost street of the city of London. He was comissioned to create the body of work, which is in fact, a huge body of work. The work focuses on key elements such as the architecture and all of the historical stories. But not just the famous ones but he even has work depicting small minute details if stories that were told about people from years ago. My favourite pieces from the exhibition were the most huge ink drawings which collected together so much detail and information. There is so much to it and the detail of the work pays homage to the obvious vast amount of research put into learning about the area, what has happened before, the people and the hug culture changes. What I feel sets’ Dant’s work apart from is the way in which he has intricately spun together details from both millennia’s seamlessly into these drawings. It looks as though it would have taken some clear visual planning and definitely pays off. ]What I can take from his work and apply to my own is only hope that my thorough research into drawing process alongside my research into the internet as a medium shows as clear as clarity of idea and considered work as his does.
IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8908 IMG_8911 IMG_8914 IMG_8917 IMG_8918 IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8900 IMG_8901 IMG_8903 IMG_8906 IMG_8907


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