The exhibition begins with Kazimir Malevich Black Square 1913, which,as described in the press release for the exhibition again, stands for for radical changes in art begun. the exhibition focused on the journey of abstract art, form an incredible amounts of points of view. Unfortunetly we were not allowed to take pictures at Whitechapel gallery, so instead I have taken some notes about the work that I foun particularly influential and meant something to me.

  • The Anni Albers, hanging speculative experimentation
  • Max bill- simultaneous construction of two progressive systems combines mathematical references , science and senses
  • Ivan serpa – typewriter and crayon on paper
  • Salouah Raouda choucair – poem 1963-65
  • Dora Maurer – seven rotations
  • Andre Cadere-  round wooden bars, in corner, one anomaly no definitive reading
  • Dmitri Prigov –  anthropology
  • Bela Kolarova –  swatch of snap fasteners indispensable objects taken away from daily domestic, they perform to engage with the world, beyond issues of femininity
  • Nikolai Suetin – spatial elements, 1931 – an analogue for freedom
  • Kazamir Malevich – white space equal to colour, boundless area of freedom he termed suprematism
  • Liu Wei purple  – air 2014 – urban landscape looks digital
  • David Batchelor –  October colouring in book
  • Klara Liden – poster painting
  • Clay Ketter – I don’t remember 2006 – attempt to recall the traces and remnants of a torn down building
  • Angela De La Cruz – shrunk canvas – paintings seen as three dimensional objects
 What I’ve taken from this exhibition is two main focuses. The first being to expand my horizons to looking at the world, purpose and meaning more abstractly. It’s very easy to use reference material ad look at objects as a way of myself expressing what is behind the poetry, but it also seems essential to consider what the colours can represent, what the composition can mean, how white space can effect what it mentioned in the picture. In the first section of the show the downstairs was primarily paintings, all of a very similar nature, but as you moved upstairs and through time the curation led you onto work that dealt a lot more with the material, and the abstract meanings of that material.

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