By looking researching into the relationship between poetry and illustration, my research also seems to have me headed in the direction of Ambit:


‘Ambit is a surreptitious peek inside a private world. Without it such vital sparks of inspiration could well be lost for ever.’ – Ralph Steadman

Ambit is a 96-page quarterly literary and art magazine. It is created in London, published in the UK, and read internationally. It’s available through subscription, in selected bookshops, and in libraries worldwide.

The magazine is put together entirely from unsolicited submissions. You can read more about our guidelines on our submissions page. We look at everything that is sent to us, and give no preference to well-known writers over the newest artistic talents.


In 1959 a London Paediatrician, Dr Martin Bax, diagnosed Angst and Ennui as the prevailing mood. He prescribed Ambit Magazine: poetry, fiction and art – sometimes shocking, sometimes experimental, sometimes comic, always compelling.

Over the years, from small beginnings, the team has come together. Edwin Brock was joined by Carol Ann Duffy and Henry Graham to pick the poetry, and JG Ballard was joined by Geoff Nicholson to pick the prose. In 2013 Dr Martin Bax retired and a new editorial team took the reins.

Ambit is still going strong after more than 50 years of publishing.

It’s clear that it’s a celebrate dpiec eof readsing material and I would benifit form looking into their work. I managed ot ge tmy hadns on a book published  comending their strong relationship with renound artist Eduardo Paolozzi who worked with them from the 60s right through to the 90s. The book was published by four corners and the each page is incredibly viaullay intersting, avoid all of the tradtional text layouts and shows much more dynamicty.

IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9147 IMG_9149

What’s important about the publication in Ambit, is as a cultural arts and literary magazine, it avoids the normal conventions and starts to push boundaries. I’m really inspired by the use of text in Ambit’s books, and I’m starting to feel like it could be beneficial to myself to find ways of working with text, but not enough to alter or distort the text as to change meaning. From what I can see from Ambit, layout is credibly important lays the foundation of structure. Where everything is placed on the page has purpose and reason behind it. Whilst image making I think it’s important for me to not forget the relationship with the text, instead of it simply being imagery inspired by the words, it needs to work with it and compliment, which reminds me of my initial idea in my first tutorial of discussing a webpage to poetry the text alongside image. The visual medium of Ambit, a magazine also plays a part to the poetry experience and it will be interesting to see how a webpage with similar content will contrast as a medium and what effect that would have.


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