I was browsing on ‘it’s nice that’ and managed to come across some more Bukwoski focused work. Emiliano Ponzi has created these graphic, in more ways than one, covers. They just won an award and I definitely agree that the majority of Bulwoski’s work have a “seedy…unfulfilled potential” air about them that it does need a degree of confidence to able to create work on them. In some ways this creates a similar way of working as Robert Crumb did for the novels. both cover illustration have the purpose of being brutally honest and unforgiving, but are both able to do so with very different visual style, yet still replicating the same message. This work in particular has earned the illustrator an award for his work, so is definitely something to aspire and to.  Even though the visual style of this work is nothing similar to my own I still think it’s important for me to understand how other people are responding to the same task at hand. By looking at both these covers and Crumb’s it has inspired me to think a little more about brutal confidence it needs to be illustrating work such as Bukowski, and when I return back to drawing it is probably something I should be considering myself. I shouldn’t be in fear of depicting something too honest or crude and just come to the understanding that, that is the works focused and it should be recognised.


Bukowski_Compagno Bukowski_Il-capitano-giusto Bukowski-ascelle BUKOWSKI-Charles_Pulp-UE bukowski-scrivo-poesia-alta-livelli MAIN


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