The sam writer who wrote the past two articles I’ve written my research on also wrote another piece about a far more contemporary illustrator making work for Bukwoski, this time after his death. This illustrator has translated Bukwoski’s poem ‘Air and Light and Time and Space’. The reason I chose to look at the cartoon in particular is isn’t so dramatically different from the previous work I have looked at. It has a much more contempoary culture aesthetic, and to add remarkably contemporary. At the beginning of my project I was discussing in my work whether I wanted to keep the work modern or have my drawing and reference material coherent with the time it was written, and the time it is written about. his comic takes down those boundaries creating something that instead because something that is much more the artists work than Bukowski, even though the words and idea are his. I feel as though he as added to the story even mor by using himself as a character , then in contrast, someone who looks familiarly like Charles Bukowkski.



This is definitely a turn on the poems that I never would have expected or imagined but it has opened my eyes to the possibility of expanding the text, outside of the constraints it was already written. For example I had originally decided that I was not going to alter the text in any way, but as I can see here it’s ben changed just a huge about and lost all orignal structure, but still, it works in a comic book form. Like with this work and Crumb’s I think there exists a certain degree of confidence that I cam yet to possess.

From this, even though only one  comic, I have learnt a lot about but just restricting myself to one way of making work to benefit the text, which was simply drawing in reference to it. I have seen the possibilities of interpreting and there is nothing to stop me doing the same, in fact I think it even shows a more intellectual understanding of text.


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