As suggested in my tutorial I have upped the amount at wh=ich and drawing, and this time decided to switch over to a new poem: ‘Bluebird’. As I obviously don’t feel confident with my drawing skills to draw a bluebird from my head this has of course taken a lot of reference material. I still however tried to work quickly and remain a focus on marking making, often including my research on wax resist. The main context of the imagery is visually representing the bluebird that Charles Bukowski figuratively has trapped inside himself, hence the reference to the bird-cage.

scan  34 scan  35 scan  36 scan  37 scan  38 scan  39 scan  40 scan  41 scan  42 scan  43

From this point my drawing has really started progress and I’m beginning to feel as through, through traditional mark making and wax resist, im starting to create a visual language to work alongside the poems. I’m especially happy with my reference to the metaphorical bird-cage.

I also haven’t forgotten about the change of scale, and as I was feeling comfortable making drawings in this way I tried to translate it into large-scale, and two colour paintings:

IMG_0496 IMG_0494 IMG_0495

The scale of these pieces does change the impact of the work, but I still feel as though, through drawing I’ve taken this really as far as it can go. For now, I think I want to go back to researching the relationship of illustration and poetry, and then make an informed decision about where this work will be headed.


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