After Looking at Ambit, from which I couldn’t actually find any work that includes Charles Bukowksi, I’m assuming mostly because he is an America poet and Ambit is a british production. But however, when searching online, simply for others who had illustrated Bukowski, I learned that perhaps one of the most famous  illustrators, Robert Crumb had made work for Bukowski.



crumbbukowski_bringmeyourlove crumbbukowski_bringmeyourlove1 crumbbukowski_bringmeyourlove2 crumbbukowski_bringmeyourlove3 crumbbukowski_bringmeyourlove4 crumbbukowski_captain crumbbukowski_captain2 crumbbukowski_captain3 crumbbukowski_nobusiness crumbbukowski_nobusiness1 crumbbukowski_nobusiness2 crumbbukowski_nobusiness3


Most, if not all, of the work made for the poetry is so incredibly detailed, as much of Crumb’s work is, it really pays notice to how immersed Crumb must have been himself when reading the work that he was able to exactly depict a scene, sometimes based purely on a line of the poem. I’ve often regarded Bukowski’s poetry as very informal and honest in sometimes a brutal way. I feel as though the way in which Crumb has drawn the work, reflects this, no sparing of details as brutally honest as is suggested in the words. For me this makes Crumb’s work an honest replication and in-depth understanding of the words/short stories. I personally, especially after the long process I’m going through, think it takes a certain amount of skill to be able to imagine exactly the scene, the people, the characters and create it with a drawing seamlessly, and with confidence. Hopefully that’s something I can possess in  my own work as recently I’ve been choosing images that simply that fit in with reference to some described imagery but I haven’t once considered the idea of characters or scenes. To get to a similar point I think I’m in need to re-reading and re-reading the text, completely immersing my self in the literary matter until I feel as though I understand the scene and purpose of every poem. Even if I don’t create imagery as detailed and honest as Crumb, I think getting to that point will still benefit the visual process.


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