Today we had our first workshop based on a collaborative project with the other students based on a collection of our gathered research together to form a book. The task is to create it in a week, which a book is a challenge at that, but being in a large group creates a lot of challenges also. There was a lot of different choice to make, but as a group we decide it would be easier if we all worked on our own individual pages. As a group we worked out and organised page numbers and double page spreads, allowing us to a few variations of our nae on a title page, and at least two double page spreads, or one if we prefered. This organised solution allowed us to work separately and allow it to all come together at the end.


IMG_9143IMG_9144   IMG_9142When it came to a time for creating work it was important to try and not create new pieces of work but remember that, it’s just a collation of our research. I decided to include some drawing in my own, as that informs part of my drawing for research.


first attempt

I was fairly happy with how mine turned out, I used poetry and working on the current drawing reference I was using, and it’s quite interesting to see the work all together like this. I’m sure however, that my work will probably change a lot until it come to the time to make the final thing. For the  semi finished mock-up at the end of the day  it was alright, currently wasn’t very great to look at, but least we had a semi idea of where we were headed and the kind of materials we were going to be working with.


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