The next day we returned to the discussion of the format of our book, and after looking at some other examples of interesting bind we came across this particular example: IMG_9153 IMG_9154 IMG_9152

The bind holds all different sort of papers and catalogues printed on separate papers and different scales. This gives a very collaborative aesthetic and I think everyone agreed this is something we should be aiming for a publication that showcases our research in a collaborative manner.

The next day I moved away from my original montage and begun to work with the photocopier a lot more to create something that had some sort of narrative. I chose to work with blue and black because I feel it really works a lot better with the sombre tones of the poem, and I still want my part of the work to reflect the poems. I also, like I mentioned in ym previous post about the manipulation of the text gave it a go, and too my surprise I was really happy with the results.

IMG_9161 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9160

I chose to have a larger cover I really liked the aesthetic of different sizes pieced to gether to keep whole, and this way it would sit like a booklet amongst the others. Between now and the next session I’m hoping to create a few more double page spreads, that could eventually be printed on these blank sides to avoid too much white space.

When we were supposed to make the dummy book, a few people were still making their’s so while we were waiting we attempted to create a cover with a cutout front that we could slot everything in together with. IMG_9164 IMG_9165 IMG_9163  I wrote out the title, which Megan then cut out before we slotted everyone’s work inside. We decided that Domenika’s should go at the front as the texture she created for her cover suited perfectly to sit behind the text. We then proceeded to try to figure out a way of sewing down the spine, possibly using a machine to keep everything together a prototype of what everyone’s work could look like collaboratively. We couldn’t find a way to do this but when it came to a discussion some people i the group did not like this idea so we proceeded to try to find a method that could work with everyone and everyone would be happy with. By the end of the group discussion there was quite a battle of voices and a collaboration of ideas became a lot harder. In the end we decided to scrap previous ides and all stick to the same dimensions were it was all be bound together by the center of A3 sheets, avoiding the separated section, helping our work to look more like a collaborative publication rather than just lots of small books jammed together. I was pretty happy with this discussion, all I needed to do for next session was have all my work prepared for printing!


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