Today I was lucky enough to be part of a workshop with Marcroy Smth. The main and only focus of the workshop was to create a riso print using two colour, experimenting with the use of over tone. I have used the printer before, but only for a black and grey print was fairly unsuccessful. We were asked to work in groups and I was put in a group with two other graphic designers. At first we were trying to find a way of including both illustrative and graphic image, but we soon realised that it can be very hard to merge the two and when we orignal came up with designs they just seemed to clash far too much. Instead we went for a different approach, working with pattern as it’s a design that can cross into both genre’s. One of my team members started the initial triangle design then we swapped over and I continue to layer and change the dimension of the angles to alter the composition. I then added a circle in the centre, the triangles which came inside were inverted, this created a really good focus point for the poster. This was only a day project but I still feel as though I have learnt a lot more about working with colour, and pattern, for that matter. In the future I think I would like to figure out a way of incorporating this same process into my project. I’m working with fairly dark colours, but if I’m now going to start following more symbolic natural imagery perhaps the whole tone of the imagery could change. As now I’m familiar with this I thik I could create some really great work for my FMP

IMG_9170 IMG_9174IMG_9181 IMG_9187 IMG_9183 IMG_9182


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