As I mentione in a few posts previous by using the colour copy of my drawings and multiple riso prints I was able to create quite a ew prints in a short amount of time. Throughout the project  have been making refernce to the fact that I plan to be making GIF’s, applying my knowedge on the internet as the medium, and I though now is about the time I tried it!

Even though the prints are not designed for animation, they still have differences in colour and layering and I thought I wouldn’t have anything to lose by trying at least, It was hug learning curve, learning how to work with the motion side of Photoshop, but for some first attempts I’m pretty happy!

First attempt:photocopy-birds

Second attempt:


Third attempt:


Initial editing included only speeding up the time in which the frames changed. the actual GIF has little to no context, apart from making reference to the metaphorical bird inside a cage, I’m not sure if I make a GIF again I will be using the same process but I will at least definitely be using GIF’s in my future work, especially now I’ve seen the life it can add to drawings, next time the movement just needs to have more context, purpose and planning.


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