After trying my hand at GIF making with colour prints I thought I would give it a try at trying someone other form of printing. I manged to find some material to cut some shapes out og. I have returned back to my  drawings of birds and hearts in an attempt to develop my original imagery communication further.

After I cut out the shapes I started etching into the foam like lino with traditional lino cutting tools, with s scalpel, with the lino being s soft texture though however it was difficult to create sharp line and shape, similar to the orignal drawings. IMG_9406 IMG_9405 the vector like shapes, I etched into the foam based lino before printing.

scan  51scan  53scan  52

Overall I’m not particularily pleased with the resuts and feel a little let down that they didn’t tunr out as expected. I did enjoy the printing process however, it is just shame that the imagery isnt very clear. These three prints were the most sucessful, but I don’t really feel like turning them into a GIF as there is not exaclty a lot of frames and I don’t think the quality is strong enough.

Weirdly enough however, when cleaning I made these marks trying to remove ink from the rollers and the printing plate. The second is me just rolling ink on and the latter is a mixture fo white spirit and tissue. I also used some of the leftovers to create some monoprints. COnsidering these prints were the last, unplanned work of the day, they are what I feel, the more successful pieces of work. I’m hoping to show these in my tutorial tomorrow and see if I can gather Peoples response and see if they prefer the stamps on the accidental prints.  scan  54scan  55


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