In my last post I referred to some relief prints I was making in response to Gibb’s poetry illustrations. As I mentioned I wasn’t really happy with how they were turning out, and the response was the same from others. Surprisingly enough the spontaneous colour prints and type monoprints I created at the end. Seeing as these monoprints were the most successful pieces of work created it was suggested I made a specific focus on that particular method. We also discussed the possibilities that this medium could give me, besides simple flat colour or line drawings:

Monoprinting looking at:

  • painted marks
  • dark colours
  • different methods such as white spirit (seen in the full colour page)

By testing all these it will give me time to develop the process instead of rushing straight into an outcome, Through development of the process I can have varying outcomes. Not only could I use monoprinting I could also experiment mark making through riso.

Even though I have avoided animating so far as I wanted to develop a visual style first I think now that I’m becoming closer to the end its worth at least trying to see what happens. I could experiment with trying make it move, there are varying ways I could do this including having a selection of moving back grounds and then a larger number of frames for movement layered over the top, which could be achieved with using layers in Photoshop before exporting as a GIF.

to do for next week:

  1. try methods of printing, mono, reduction, acetate, lino.
  2. try making gifs from this
  3. Explore print making animations

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