Near the beginning of the project I was recommended the work of Dave Posser who creates some award-winning animations. I am so incredibly drawn to this artists work, the visual aesthetic is completely immersive, and the mark making something to be incredibly envious of. I’ve brough myself back to this video, as when I watch some of his work for the first time, I liked it but didn’t regard it as part of my visual research because as far as I can tell the method used by him, and the Moth Collective is digital. But there are certain sections, especially from Matter Fisher’s first opening scene that have a definite print and ‘physical drawing’ appeal.

All of his work is so very well-regarded and monumentally something to inspire to. Even though I will not be animating in the same medium, or at that length, I’m really inspired by the general ‘print quality’. I’m also incredibly inspired by the composition and cinematography, used in both videos as the subtle use of colour blocking and line work compliment each other visually.At the moment work seems to create such a high focus on mark making that I fear it may be too easy for me to avoid the necessary considerations of framing and colour theory working together to creating a visually strong image.

Although so far my work is taking a strong influence by singular imagery based GIF’s but the image quality and aesthetic comes from a strong inspiration by Posser.


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