I am still in the planning stages of making a printmaking GIF’s but I recently started experimenting with book binding.IMG_9435 IMG_9432 IMG_9433

I practiced the folding and cutting method of creating a book from a single piece of paper, binding by hand and trimming in the professional automated guillotine. I had originally thought of using books in the final presentation of my work, but after creating some small prototypes I feel quite inspired to incorporate the practice into my work. For example I could think about  the possibility of documenting the GIF’s into books which would work as a way of documenting the frames from the GIFs.

Even though this original idea came  as whim it reminds me of my project proposal where I mentioned i wanted to address the time before internet art and now, and whether it created a positive or negative change. What these books pound with the frames of the animation could add to the project is an homage to the traditional way of working as an illustrator which is then translated as as a physical form in contrast to the digital format,each playing homage to the modern and traditional.


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