I have spoken to some Rose Thomas, a printmaker as I was unsure whether printmaking animation has ever been a known practice as I was entirely unsure about where to start looking. She pointed me in the direction of these two animations.
The first being a animation created in one of the printmakers ‘Double Elephant’s print making workshop with animator Josh Gaunt.
What I like most about the animations from these tests is the use of a boil, using the unpredictable texture of printing to create a textural dynamic colour surface. This is what separates animating the prints from basic printmaking. It would allow me the advantage of dynamic prints with greater appeal that a singular static print.
By the artist who ran the workshop I have found his vimeo account and came across this video:
The particular video incorporated the use of a static drypoint with a monoprinting background. This particular video seems mostly like a tester but overall I am really involve with the general aesthetic. It would really seem that printmaking animation has a very unique visual qualities.
An additional video shown to me by Rose created by Graphic design students from Central St Martins. This video is somewhat similar to the first as a its a collaborative project. In contrast however it using some additional Photoshop editing, which could be considered. My strengths do not particularly lie in the digital editng, so instead I could perhaps rely solely on the prints as the animation which would take a lot more planning.

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