Today we had a talk from Jenny and Doris from YCN who came to talk about YCN as a company as a whole, what they are about and their place within the creative industry. They run a lot of creative events and and have a talent team, similar to an agency. I am incredibly interested by this business and would, ideally in the future seek a career from them. What was really handy that they were even able to give u some tips for a self promotional website, which is great for my research they were as following:

  • Keep it clear
  • make sure it is easy to use,
  • Keep information brief, if I am sending work to clients I will benefit from keeping it short and sweet,
  • Make the layout clean, images should be clear and easy to see.
  • I shouldn’t put up the entirety of my university work, just the work I know I want to be known for
  • I should also be promoting myself with a solid social media network.
  • when emailing clients I should remain professional and friendly..

Doris also talked about the talent team that they run on the website that costs a membership to be part of, but she will put your work up on the website then big companies and brands like Adidas for example approach them asking for work. This would be an amazing opportunity for self promotion.

ycn 1 ycn 2 ycn 3

Although it would be great for to set up now, I don’t think right now is the time for me to join. But once I have graduated and expanded my portfolio with my Final Major Project I think I would really benefit to be part of it, but first I need to decide what my work encompasses and how I want to represent myself professionally. For now their tips have been really useful about what I want and  need my webpage portfolio to include in order to give the best impression as a professional.


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