These GIF’s are the final result of my printmaking experiments: just-birds-flying-test

Before adding The backgrounds I have adding the original drawing frames together, and I was considerably nervous about how the animation would look together based on my very primitive animation skills, but after seeing them all together has made me feel a little bit more confident.  The main issue with monoprinting is that they are not made with a light box which stopped me being able to layer them on top of another t check the frames lined up together correctly, but to due to the huge amount of movement I don’t think it had made a huge amount of effect on the animation. I’m really glad I chose to monoprint the frames, as compared to my orignal drawings there is far nicer charm to the visual style. next I made a mp4 file of the reductive monoprints transitioning and multiplied the video file as a layer on photoshop and this was the result:


This definitely looks better than just the frames of the bird flying, but there is so much information it clutters the imagery and becomes far too distracting. I came around this problem by dropping the opacity on the background layer covering the focus on the bird, with added interest. What I think the added medium of the GIF adds to this piece of work is the endless looping feature which works applies very well to the bird flying working as en endless sequence. returning to the main inspiration, it feels very fitting to the theme. He uses the bluebird as a metaphor for his positive outlook on life which continues to stay trapped inside of him, deepened and kept down by alcohol and vows to never let out (my own interpretations). My Gif replicates this metaphor by making the bird eternally trapped in the GIF, flying but achieving nothing and getting no where. Although this was originally  tester I’m so pleased with the final outcome I will definitely be using as a finished piece of work as a visual compliment for the poetry.



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