Even though my main priority currently is designing the GIF, I still wanted to try other processes at the same time to hopefully capture the exact visual dialogue that will fit the project. here are the final lino prints I created:Scan 4 Scan 5

This is the final designs for my  Lino print, alternatively to my test prints they are made using a weightier, whiter paper and printed using the press. Overall i think the image stands out much more like this, the whiter printer and more even print makes the image much cleaner and a higher amount on contrast to show off the sharp lines cut into the lino. I’m really satisfied as these for final images to work alongside the poem.  The blue ink is a nod to the fact its a bluebird, but a subtle reminder of he creature rather than giving away too much of the poem. This print is heavily inspired by the work of Jonathan Gibb’s and his subtle reminder of nature in the poem using woodcuts.  Out of the two my favourite is the repetitive pattern, and looking back at the idea of creating the digital GIF’s as books to go alongside, I think the pattern would work great as a cover, just the simple recognition of a bluebird giving away the title of the poem.

Scan 7 Scan 6

After laying my stamp into the ink I also took a reverse print from the ink left behind. Even though the image aren’t as strong I really like the ghostly images and plan to use them as subtle endpapers in the potential book.


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