Admist my planning for animation ( a very time consuming process) I decided a lino cut that could be printed, inspired by the work of JOnathon GIb’s. using one of my most sucessful pieces of drawing so far, the bluebird but developed further into a printing process. Scan 1 Scan

As you can see I had a few issues trying to get them to line up correctly, at first I wanted to have them all going in a circle but once I started printing I realised I’d actually made a huge error as I would need to make another stamp for that to be possible. I chose to se a blue ink (this is a mix of cyan and a dark blue) to represent the bluebird in the poem.

Scan 3 Scan 2

These are the following prints I made using the same paper with  yellowish tinge. I realised that the print works best repeated with no turning on singularly on its own. All these are made using a roller which gives it a certain uneven rough texture. which I like, but I think for the final print they will look much better done using the roller, which will take a lot of time but look much better.


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