Following my original plan, now I have finished the first set of primarily animated frames of the GIF I wanted to create some stills, or a small number of frames to work as  background. As I needed fewer frames than the bird animation for this section I wanted to be far more experimental with my techniques. As in my very first mono print tester was made by (accidentally) using white spirit as an ink reducer to create some reductive mono prints. I really loved the visual aesthetic of that technique and also had the idea to use the expressive marks it created to imitate the wings of birds,, but using them to create a few images gave me the opportunity to, what I hope to, imitate the fluttering of anxious wings, as for the represents an idea of frantic wings trying to escape its captive environment, making reference to the word of the poems. I was extremely happy with how the first tests went, that iI continued to create a large number of prints that I was all equally satisfied, despite the spirit melting my paintbrush causing bristles to become part of the print.  I really enjoyed the process and really think I’m closing to pinning down the visual style of this project.


Set 1:Scan 17 Scan 18 Scan 19 Scan 20

Set 2:

Scan 21 Scan 22 Scan 23 Scan 24

Set 3:

Scan 25 Scan 26 Scan 27 Scan 28

Set 4:

Scan 29 Scan 30 Scan 31 Scan 32

Set 5:

Scan 33 Scan 34 Scan 35 Scan 36

Ghost prints:

Scan 37 Scan 38


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