Based on my research into printmaking animations I have started with a basic line drawing mono printing technique, as I don’t wont to overpower the most animated part of the GIf with too much information, this is how the testing process has gone so far:Scan 8

These were my first tests from monopritning.  Like the lino I stuck to blueas it seemed fitting but I didn’t really feel satisfied with the contrast and I think it would actaully work better just with the lino, so I decided t test both up against eachother.

Scan 10 Scan 9

personally, even though the blue seems fitting the black creates a far stronger image and I prefer the aesthetic far more. This will not be a final composition as it was just a tester, but I still think it has some potential. For the continuing series of mono printing it will be a series of birds that will then be animated to create the GIF .

Scan 11 Scan 12 Scan 13Scan 14 Scan Scan 1Scan Scan 1 Scan 2Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5ScanScan 1Scan 2

I really like the prints but the smudges look less like purposeful clouds, like in the test print and the marks are darker than I really would like them. So before carrying on with all 20 images I have sketched and planned  print I stopped at 14 so I could figure out a way of making the images look clear but with less marks.

Scan 3

I managed to create these two test images by inking up a new plate with less ink, but pressing harder with the pencil. This worked so much better and thinking that this will be the amount of ink that I use for my final animation.


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