I stumbled upon this article on Print Magazines Website, which seems completely fitting with my research onto the future of illustrations dn its adaptation to online mediums. The writer of the article Patrick O’neil (2015) celebrates the power of the online animation for illustrative purposes and the adaptive benefits:

The animation not only looks great, but it’s also easy to understand and connects the image to the text that is revealed.

it would seem according to O’Neil that the future of online illustrations lies in the fate of animation. ultimately reliant on the digital and technical understanding that is able to excercise these mediums.

We’ve recently started seeing exciting designs that blend illustration with animation techniques unique to the web. The end results are often gorgeous and remarkable for their technical complexity. Here is a prime example:

In some cases, animated illustrations are used in much more subtle ways. In the example above, the animations bring a sense of life to the design. The illustrations are gorgeous and create a unique feel for the site. The delicate use of animation just gives the site that extra dash of awesome sauce needed to make it a truly memorable experience.



This example used above I really love because, it’s not the same as traditional animation, it still exists as an illustration as their no story or plotline but basic illuminating narrative. It’s the subtlety to this animation that makes it work so well. The limited colour palette also causes for a real emphasis on the small moving details.

the animation drives attention to the message and helps users immediately understand what this tool is all about. It would have been tempting to animate the character, but that would not have reinforced the most important element. Carefully

consider what you animate and why you have selected it.

The writer suggests that also the best way to go, like this other example below, that subtlety is key when it comes to animating illustration. it needs to be able to reinforce an element of what the subject matter is, or the poem in my own case, and have the intention of giving a greater understanding, but like Jonathan Gibb’s advised it shouldn’t be retelling, which is what over animating could do.


Overall, this article has been really helpful with helping me understanding what the design purpose of what my own GIF’s will serve. It also has med me feel much more confident in my research, and the outcomes. The focus of this project has become focusing on the importance of illustration moving forward to adopt the internet as the most culturally relevant and useful medium. This article helps me feel even more confident in my project and the direction that it’s heading.


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