Whilst I was researching websites I ultimately decided that the best option for me was to find a web designer to make it for me, and after being in contact with them they have told me I will have to be a while until they can actually build it. For now I wa recently looking at other people’s profiles on cargo collective and realised that you can request to become part of the online ‘collective’ and I sent a short statement about myself and my work and it was accepted. I’ve always found that grid formats can be good for work and a good way to display it all at the same time. I only had a brief try at trying to get the website to work but here is how it came out:


The page is organised into projects, at the moment I just have a few of second year projects that I feel are finished to a high standard. The theme on cargo also allows me to speak a little about each project when you click on the links:

2 3

Although what i do like about the website is that its clean and organised, but I can’t help but feel it looks a little bland and uninteresting. Overall I don’t feel as though this is the best way to promote myself as it looks a little bland and uninteresting. I don’t think it helps that the work on there is old, so straight away on a personal level I am disinterested. So far I’m also not satisfied that the customiseable ability is incredibly limited.


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