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IF large-bruise img_7593 bruise

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I’ve been planning my next GIF by layering the imagery alongside the poem themes, this allows me to gauge the importance of each theme, question why the poet has used the imagery, bringing all this information together to make an informed decision on the reflection of this poem. the poems talks about the childs dead goldfish acting as a distraction and side line focus for the abuse of his mother. I would really like to use the fish as it stands for the natural element, but alongside this so would the bruises of his mother. In the poem they stand as a distraction which is exactly what they could be for standing for as a compliment for the poetry, the distraction for what is really going on. The state of the family in the poem is almost hopelessly sad as though nothing will ever change, no mater what happens. By having a loop of the dead goldfish leave the family hanging in this moment of morose sadness. This GIF will be using the same formula as my previous GIF’s with a series of changing backgrounds digitally layered on my mono printed animation frames (of the dead goldfish).

(Images used above are for refernce drawing and markmaking)


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