IMG_0643 IMG_0559 IMG_0642I feel fairly firm in my decision that I would like to continue making GIF’s in a similar that had Bluebird as the method was incredibly similar, but because of the nature of animating there is a certain amount of planning and idea generating that goes into it. Currently I’m just at a stage where I want to know what important themes from the poem and how to replicate in simplistic image forms. As before I mentioned that I don’t want my imagery to tell a narrative or depict a scene I want ti do draw on a singular element that represents the theme or emotion. I would prefer to hae every piece of imagery something natural, like in Gibb’s work, but the problem being that doesn’t fit the nature of the poetry, so I will be doing so where it seems fit, but otherwise I will be making reference back to natural elements within metaphors and imagery. ideally, the imagery I will create will not be adding anything to the poetry, which is one of my key points during brainstorming. I also not deciding to choose to stick to a particular anthology but pick poems that I feel fit th project and my own personal taste, as after all, this is a personal project.



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