In this tutorial, the one before I had made my first GIF and wasn’t able to make any more over Easter so i had just been expanding my knowledge on some poems and planning my prints (see previous post). I presented my texture tests and notes on understanding the text. The main issue that was brought up in this session, was the presentation of my work. I have already decided, since before the easter holidays that I wanted to create some small book that would be flip books for my GIF, but after this tutorial I realised that I actually need to make them!

I’m hoping this will really bring my work together and help me understand the materiality, as it could not work at all.  I want the books to feel like professional books, and not just paper pushed together to make a flip book, however, because of the materiality, having a hardcover, or cover at all could not play in my favour.

In addition to fine tuning the books, I still need to consider the digital aspect and how I can portray it in a website. I want the actual text of the poems to work alongside the GIFs, and we discussed that a continuing scroll could work best as compositionally for the text alongside the GIF images. it would mean the user wouldn’t have to click on lots of different links it could be continually, read not dissimilar form a book, a continuing narrative. I will try to make this myself but obviously sometimes its hard making exactly what I want it to make. I will consider contacting sylvia to help or other resources with a know how for web design.

next week I hope to have produced the GIF I’m planning and a mock up of a book.


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