Now I have finished creating all my sets for this animation, I have used exactly the same digital processing method that I did for bluebird for this animation. For the background layers it has been a little harder to choose which sets to work with, and has been a very long trial and error process to figure out exactly which one worked the best. There was also a lot of processing errors such causing my work to glitch and flash uncontrollable, which was incredibly difficult to handle, especially as all the digital animation has been self taught and fixing the glitching problem took a few hours of figuring out! A lot of these I’m not really happy with. I don’t think it’s so much the visual imagery I don’t like but the way it translates into an animation doesn’t seem purposeful enough, or fitting with the gentle morose language. The colours and movement is so electric I can’t help but feel it contrasts too strongly. I definitely think it will need a lot more work and patience to get the imagery to work fittingly with the text. I also think I could benefit from limiting the number of prints I use for background images, as that is where I think the main issues lies, not with the fish illustration.





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