returning back to the website I’ve realised it’s really not what I;m looking for and looks incredibly amateur. because of this I’ve decided to stay with cargo collective for now. After writing my CV gain, I’ve decided to stick with the bradnngi i used for the business cards as, even though its rushed I really like the aesthetic of it. So for this page I decided to use it as huge header to keep it memorable:

5 7

I Liked this theme a lot more and I tried to work with it and ge tit to work for me, but there are still some problematic issues with it not doing exactly what I want it to do from a design point of view, for example I couldn’t get the header to be completely center or the links centered. even when I edited it the orignal image on Photoshop it just wasn’t working, or doing the same thing in every type of browser.

I tried editing the CSS to change a lot but didn’t have a lot of luck as to make the proper edits I needed to it would have meant editing the HTML which you have to pay to access.

Instead of trying to get this to work for me, instead I have decided to wait until my web design er is available and just focus on design ing it from scratch and getting it to work exactly the way I would like it.




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