This week I was able to bring the monoprints, Gif and book tester which I said I would bring last week, which is making me feel a lot more comfortable about reaching my goal and the deadline.

However when I showed the GIF to Rachel and the rest of my glass they had some reservations about the frantic qualities of the mono print backgrounds. Some of them did not even realise that the fish was supposed to be dead, and simply only saw the flickering. In the last GIF even though the movement was as frantic there was a lot more movement in the animation of the bird which made the animation clear, but in the fishes animation which is much more subtle, maybe the backgrounds don’t work as well.

We discussed this as a group and I’m thinking of going back to the original ‘bruising backgrounds, in reference to the abused mother. the cloudy bruises could look much fainter and natural compared to the harsh colours of the scales. I could also consider, dropping the opacity, like in the first GIF to bring the drawings forward. In addition to this I could have the background of the fish the plain paper and the fish filling the pattern. I could also use sections of the back cover monoprint, although the marks are nice on this, there are not mastered completely well. I think one of thew main things to take from my tutorial today is to master the method a bit more, make sure my mark marking is much more thoughtful and relevant to the work as well.

In addition to this the concern I expressed was I was worried about the method of this GIF being too different from the last, but then I realised that that’s not necessarily a problem, and the quality of the piece should come first. It doesn’t really matter if they look that different as they will still have mono prints and a GIF format.

In conclusion from this feedback session I got a lot of criticism but everything was essential to fine-tuning my final work, and not get too comfortable with the methods I was choosing. I also think I could benefit from returning to some of the methods I used for my previous animation and bringing them into this one.

For next week I want to work again on this GIF till I’m really happy with it before I continue onto another one. The test book also did not go so well so I will try to talk to ‘The Guilford street press for some more help on printing issues.


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