Liked discussed in tutorial I wanted to experiemtn with the use of bruises as to create a more contextualy relevant background print.

these were the first attempts using only printing ink and my hands, it was too thick and hard to blend, also too sticky and hard to print rich colours. Scan

Using white spirit and oil blended with ink, using gloves, was far easier tp move round but picked up a lot of marks form my hands, which gave richer colours but lost the look of bruises. Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5

Next I tried experimenting with mixing printing ink and and mono printing ink, these created more of an idea of a bruise as a background rather than the more literal images I was trying to create previously.

Scan 6 Scan 7

next I tried to move further away from the literal printing of bruises and look into the texture of water. as an alternative visual tool. Again using the reductive method.

Scan 8 Scan 9

Visually I’m not overly happy with all of the prints (note that this is a selection of the best ones created in this theme) and I don’t think I will be using it for my final GIF. I feel as though this patellar piece of work is becoming quite stagnant, and I’m trying to hard to find similar links between this work or art, and the GIF I made for bluebird, the formula seems to be coming to rigid. As  result I will leave these prints for now and return to designing a new GIF, with a different printing method. I will hopefully return to this prints and the GIF for this poem with a fresh mind, and possible a new technique for animating with these prints.


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