Whilst mono printing in the print room, I noticed some prints in the dark room that I really like the marbling of the ink. When I inquired I was told they were made using a mono screen printing method. The method entailed using marbled ink pushed through a screen with taped out areas, I made a tester print using tape to spell out the initials of CB which served more as practice rather than a  contributing piece of work to my project.

IMG_0183 IMG_0184

The ink I used however was too thick so when I tried to create prints  the ink wouldn’t print through the screen properly and didn’t work too well. I really liked the small parts that did work, so I might as well use it to follow some of my planning towards the GIF for ‘Torched Out’

scan  59

scan  60

used tap to mark up the finished outlines of some bottles, as to me, that was the most important thing from the poem, it also follows all my previous drawing experiments and GIf planning. Using the tape I was able to mark out the shape of bottles.

. bottles




The problem with this method is you can only print  once before it becomes a blurry mess. But it would seem that this method transpires into a nice animation that can blur together. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this tester but it still like it needs something further to give it a bit more life and purpose.


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