Botte_high_bit_rateAs I mentioned in my last post I was hoping to add something more to my mono screen printed GIF’s as I felt as though they were lacking something. So not only have I reanimated the frames (adding a smoother and faster transition) I decided to add some typographical detail to the image, as the whole image looked far to  two-dimensional. For a somewhat spur of the moment print, I’m actually really happy with how this GIF. I think it has really helped stepping outside of the current ‘formula’ I’m subconsciously creating for my GIF’s. I believe this GIF is already more successful than the dead fish animation that I’ve currently been working on. Perhaps this was a good thing for me to step back from the work I’m making and start a fresh. SO although this is wildly different from what I’ve created before I don’t think I should take it as a necessarily a bad thing and open my eyes to the possibilities of other methods and aesthetics rather than just a mono printed  frames alongside reductive mono prints as this limits the creativity of my work.



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