This week we had a tutorial with Graphic Design and Advertising design, we went through their work before we came to the illustration section of the room, and it was really interesting to get a whole new perspective on a final major project. Their different use of process stood out, and their ways of thinking seemed far more practical, which I guess is the nature of the courses.

When it came to talking about my own work, having to start from fresh talking about it was helpful in getting me to be bale to explain my ideas, to others, and myself. The comments from the group on my own work, was people seemed to like the bright colours of the last GIF I made, and they also mentioned it would be quite fitting to go at the end of the poem after I mentioned that it was about forgetting the depressing details from before and coming out with a positive comment, so when I finally make my website it makes sense for me to place it at then end.

Members of my class also suggested trying more ways of working to make backgrounds, such as watercolour , I really like the idea of what I’ve been trying to previously which is working towards trying all different techniques and again, not sticking to the same formula and trying to range my work.

I was also reminded of the importance self finding an online application for my work, which i really hope to do soon but first i need to wait for the person designing my website to be able to work with me. But still worth considering especially as I’m thinking about things like putting this particular GIF last.

Overall I think this tutorial went pretty well and I feel confident and competent to just carry on making GIFs trying o be experimental, as I have been. It was really nice to not have anything that I believe, or anyone else believes I have to change and to just continue making, whilst keeping the format of the website in mind.

IMG_0216 IMG_0215


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