After reviewing myself the past GIF I really love the mono screen printing method, but the execution of the template I’m really unsatisfied with. Especially as I’m hoping that all of this imagery will be useable as final imagery I don’t think the blurred and sometimes blobby edges are giving off enough of a professional vibe. This was mostly due to the fact that the tape would roll off a bit each time I tried to bring the squeegee across it. By avoiding this problem I could be using the official way of using exposing the screen which would allow me to print countless times without the fear of the tape rolling up and allowing ink through the edges. I did this by drawing my bottles design with china marker on tracing paper and exposing the design straight onto the screen, I also did the same with the type so I would be able to layer it straight onto the bottles afterwards. This made the process so much easier and I believe I’ve created a far more successful image. Again I experimented with the animation and transition of the bottles as I want this to be final image and I think it’s worth making sure it’s perfect. This image will be so fitting with the poem, especially with the over optimistic colours to end on. The poem start so miserable and depressing but by leaving this for right at the end, and highlighting the last line in my typography it allows me to reinforce the ending jovial attitude in contrast with the rest of the poem. Due to the nature of printing not every single bottle lines up, this tends to go against traditional rules of printmaking, but for me, I want to put my own individual stamp on my work and I think the jittering adds a printmaking charm, my own visual style seems to focus on the rough imperfect edges to animation rather than individually perfect frames. After all this whole process was a way for to find my own individual style and way of image making.


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