After even further reconsideration of ‘A smile to remember’ I thought about trying to include the bruises, but I was actually quite a fan of the fish scale texture, as although it’s not directly relevant to the poem, it is, obviously, relevant to the fish so I thought about making it smaller and just using it as a background for the fish. I edited the fish digitally, but still using a number of frames to animate the fish as I didn’t really want them to all be the same, especially when there are so many different mono print texture that I can use. I thought about using the bruising for the background texture, but the blue water seemed so much more fitting. Again I became concerned with adding too much context to the imagery, as all I know is the mother is abused, but there is no line mentioning bruises. So to avoid stepping into the territory of adding imagery it made senses to stick to simply using a water based background, allowing the poetry to work for itself, and just act as a addition to the poetry, like Gibb’s suggested.

I think by revising this GIF for the third time has actually made it a really successful piece of imagery. I think it helped to step out the mould I was creating for myself, by using exactly the same process and layering system as ‘Bluebird’. It needed to work aesthetically in its own right instead of replicating and imitating. By changing the editing I think it has also highlighted and brought attention to the animated movement, which is one of the most important features of my illustration.


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