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Now I’m getting closer to the deadline, my GIFs before have been very long laborious processes with plenty of planning, making and animating taking up my time, but unfortunately it means I only have three GIFs so far and if I want to showcase them on a website, unfortunately that’s not that many. So I have returned to some previous planning and decided to focus on the poem: ‘An almost made up poem’. The poem tells a story if a girl he (may or may not have) sent letters back and forth to, without ever meeting her. Her depression and lifestyle eventually led to her committing suicide, but the imagery that stuck ou to me the most was the bench she used to cry by the river every night. I thought about adding her into the scene but it seemed somewhat unnecessary to include her, I also mentioned before my aim is to not depict what is going on, but rather use simple elements, like the bottles or the dead fish. So instead I drafted out some ideas of just the bench by the river. In a way this would symbolise her loneliness and with the absence of the figure symbolises her literal absence.

Whilst sketching ideas for the bench, I wasn’t entirely sure on what I wanted the bench to look like, as I thought something like that could be time relevant. I looked up the year the book that had the poem was written and found out it was 1977, after around an hour of trying to research a 70s public bench from america I had no luck, even when I just looked up 70s design. this took so long that I just realised that perhaps this wasn’t worth my time, especially as I want to make as many GIFs as a can at this current stage. In the end I just used reference material of benches I liked the look of. I’m also thinking for the animation to have the water of the river moving, as again I’m referring back to the natural elements of the poem, its texture would also apply itself well to animation.


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