I was reading through Riposte Magazine, Issue 2 (2014) and cam across this tip in, a small publication of illustrated poems (see below). IMG_0251 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0254

I’d never heard of either the writer of illustrator but I was immediately struck by the simplicity of the illustrations and the publication itself. the poetry is simple but thoughtful and subtly summarised in brief line drawings by Ganassin. She majoritively uses drawings of figures to represent the speaker from the poem, and the starkness  of the figures to me expresses the open honest approach of the poem. It also reminds me of the simplicity of Robery Gibb’s illustrators for poetry, and what he mentioned in the interview. By Gibb’s using simple images of nature and Ganassin using basic line drawings of figures, they are able t add something to work alongside the poetry without adding new information: ” In each case I hope that the image is a visual complement to the text, illuminating and appropriate, but not too close. I try not to re-tell or mis-represent the literature, but make something new as a direct response to the written word.” (Gibb’s, 2014). it would seem that ganassin has taken a similar approach with this work and I hope that I can continue to do the same my minimising my imagery and animation. The length of a GIF, keep to around a second seems to work well, and keeping one object/creature to each.


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