When creating my ‘Torched Out’ GIF, I feel as though the process was very successful because I was trying new things, experimenting rather than just sticking to what I know, it also made the process much more exciting! For this GIF I have decided to experiment using Mokulito printing. It’s a fairly unknown process which my classmate uses and has offered to teach me. The process is similar to Lithographic printing and based on the process of water and oil repelling each other. The first process was to perfectly sand down some birch wood until all traces of oil were removed (including fingerprints). Next step was to decorate using primarily oil based materials such as emulsion paint and oil pastels. But we were also able to use pens and other materials.
In my design I also decided to include tear drops as I thought it would be very fitting for the inclusion of tear drops to symbolise the times she cried by the river. The process is fairly expensive so I only drew on five boards, which would still be enough to give me a nice boil on the image.

IMG_0240 IMG_0241
Once I was finished the board is sprinkled with talcum powder then coated in a layer of Arabic gum and left to dry. For now this is all I can do with my printing boards as it has to be left to dry over night. I’m really looking forward to using this process as it will work well with the format of the water as the tones are a lot gentler than mono print and I think this will provide a gentle more fluid aesthetic, rather than just the bright contrasting ink I have previously achieved from mono printing.

Once dry the next day The Arabic Gum is washed off ready for printing!



The next step before printing is wetting the board with a sponge with a lot of water, and then rolling on the ink, which doesn’t cling to the wood well but picks up all of the other details. Paper and board are then put through the press, applying lots of even pressure.

IMG_0380 IMG_0381

I am extremely happy with how the prints have come out, the textures of the print are truly stunning and it will be really nice to experiemtn and see how it comes out as a GIF. It will also make another refreshing mix up from my previous work.  Here are some pictures of the finished images:

IMG_0383 IMG_0382

Really happy with the results the textures are very ethereal and fluid and I feel like they are a strong enough representation of a river with a gentle illustrative quality, next step, editing!


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