The most obvious way to print business cards, would be the website I have looked at before: ‘Moo cards’. However as my work is taking a direction towards printmaking and I’m starting to consider if my own work could include something like this instead, instead of generic cards printed elsewhere. I think using my printmaking skills could also showcase my skills much better. I have had a brief look on pinterest for some other creating handmade business cards:


I think the edges of these are hand painted which is a really nice touch, and something I had not even considered! It must have to be a really heavy paper stock though for it to have a good effect, which could be quite costly.


Range of different business cards with my logos on

“These are some shots of the business cards that I’ve been screen printing at home recently. One is a simple double sided, square business card while the other is a folding card with a few greetings and details on. I’ve already handed quite a few out, I’m hoping they generate some work to justify the hours I’ve spent hunched over a desk printing them and cutting them out with a scalpel.”

I really like these screen printed cards, especially with these as he has the colour layering, which shows a good knowledge of colours in screen printing as well as looking really nice.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/97754930/business-card-stamp-custom-2-34-business

The only other concern I have about printing my ow business cards is how I can print the text on the back, as if I screenprint them if there is a slight error with the ink it couldn’t make the writing unreadable. But, a customer stamp could be a really good solution to this problem! This one is on etsy for £33.50, which is quite pricy, especially if i need to change the details. So I might need to find a cheaper alternative.

I know I don't normally write about the business of blogging, but I still wanted to share a little bit of the experience I had in Salt Lake City last week.

This was another design found on pinterest, I love that all of these cards seem to be so different, no each one is the same , which is kind of like giving out a piece of you r wok each time, which I feel would be more memorable. An interesting shape is something to consider, it’s not often people use different shapes than the tradtional rectangle.

Maybe once I'm done with all the thank you notes I already have, I can get some white cards and splatter! Such a cute thank you card idea

These cards have a really similar aesthetic and when I looked into the source on pinterest found out they were actually made by a photographer who hand crafted each and every one! These seems a little laborious to me as I do want to make enough to give out a lot to potential clients, and don’t want to feel as though I have to hold back giving out a lot.

In conclusion I definitely want to use some sort of hand-printing method to showcase my skills, and I also like the fact that it makes them semi precious. I could be able to get round problematic issues by making a huge print which I cut down (like the art place blog cards). I could also avoid the text being obscured by laser printing on the back of the print the back of the page. Overall I think I’m much more drawn to these examples of hand printed cards than standard printed ones.


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