Now that the final prints have finished trying I have been testing out some animation techniques. Considering there are only three frames I assumed it would be a far easier process than it has been. getting the timing correct and the way in which the frames transition has been fairly difficult. It’s also been fairly difficult deciding which prints to use as I was able to print from each board around 3 times, but each time they picked up slightly more ink to print with leaving me with some lighter and darker frames.  just-river-again




Below are two example GIF’s that I came up with, the first depicting a motion through the frames and the second one board printed three times. For overall aesthetic I think the best one is the one using more motion. Surprisingly I’m fairly happy with the animation style, as the nature of the medium couldn’t allow me to line them up and plan the animation of the frames. I think I will definitely be going for the more motion focused GIF, so next I will just have to mono print  the bench in!


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