Yesterday we were able to have a one to one tutor with Rachel to see howe were going, over ally again it was handy for me to explain my work and where it’s at, just to voice it out loud.

it quite refreshing to know that the GIFs are going well, again, like last week it is a matter of continuing to make, and perhaps they will have more presence in bulk. happy with GIF just need to them to be finally made, keep working on them. So far I was also  little concerned about how they will work together on a page, this is where it was brought back to the importance elf planning out my website, and of a higher importance now. There seems to be so many variations of how to have them lay out, and could take quite a lot of planning.


Our discussion include talks about how I could ensign all of it by myself using tools of the GIF, layer out onto one webpage, words could appear one by one, line by line, all at once, the image could hover, some images could be placed as static images, some images on top or below, or next to the text, each part could appear one by one and even I could play about with their scale of image to text ratio. The aim for next week will be to revise at least the photoshop document with all my plans for the page, and aim for th web designer to work around my design, rather than me working to their capabilities.

Another issue arose about the importance and necessity of the books. I had originally decided that I wanted flip books of each GIF displayed alongside the webpage , to show an homage to the traditional, but a recent concern which I expressed in the tutorial, is: The animation of the GIFS are so short they don’t actually work as a flip book, with the exception of the bird. Because of this I decided to not make them flip books, but more just nicely bonded books with my prints in as they move so quickly in the GIF but I want them to be appreciated. The solution and understanding that came from this, is not only do I need to have confidence in the GIFs to working website form, but I also could instead, what I show alongside my website is a montage or collection of prints, test books, test prints accumulated, like a working studio wall to show the 2D process that went into making my GIFs. From this I want it to show a strong contrast between process and outcome, the traditional illustration method and the refined digital outcome.

Overall I’m  happy with the reflective outcomes from this tutorial and for next week I would like to continue making GIFs as necessary, and come up with a plan for the webpage, ready for the final prep for the degree show.


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