When it came to editing this GIF, I had originally planned to create some sort of mono print to layer on top, bur after making a practice drawing in my sketchbook this seemed a little unnecessary so instead I decide to just scan the drawing in. After all I’m trying really hard to not set myself restrictions like limiting myself to only printing. It took quite a few edits to be able to have the bench seem natural. When planning I hadn’t really thought about the merging of the bench and assumed it was just be fine sat next to the river. But when it was placed on top, due to the vertical marks made on the print it created a texture that brought whatever was placed on top right into the foreground and didn’t blend well at all. It took quite a few edits, including adding a coloured background to get it to work more dynamically as an image rather than just pattern with a bench thrown on top. Even though it took a lot of edits, which definitely testing my Photoshop editing skills, I’m really happy with how the final one turned out, it’s nothing like the other GIFs but I think that could be a good thing. So far I think this is one of the poems that responds to the poetry in the most subtle yet most thought provoking way. This is why I would consider this as one of my strongest pieces of work so far.


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